• Site Appraisal

    Understanding the site – existing or new is one of our first tasks. This is often our first introduction to the space, its surrounding location and how you work as a team... We stand back and look! – We review how you work today and how you want to work. We look at the space and begin to understand how the design might evolve. We observe your current operation, we pop ceiling tiles, we look at the natural light, we knock on walls. We look at your space as a visitor would.
  • Creative Workshops

    Our creative workshops bring the full client and design team together to think differently about the project. If it’s a new development the workshop is held within the new space. If it’s a refurbishment we use inspirational locations. At the workshop we tease out the desires for the space and get under the skin of the project. We begin the process of connecting the brand to the space. This helps us, as designers understand how you want your space to work.
  • Interior Design, Graphics, Signage

    Following the Creative Workshops we present a series of initial concept designs moodboards, graphic direction and initial cost indications. We start the initial space planning process. Once the creative direction has been agreed we develop detailed designs which include elevations, sketches and more detailed costing options.
  • Lighting Design & Specification

    Illumination whether natural or artificial plays a vital part in developing the design and is one of our key considerations from the outset. Which zone will get darkest first? Is it south facing? Is that going to be a nuisance for projecting in the conference room? Functionally and aesthetically lighting can be a game changer. More and more clients are favouring a stylish lamp over a designer chair! Developing lighting plans in-line with general layouts and ceiling plans provides us with the basis to work with a range of lighting suppliers and specialist designers. Whether it is a general interior lighting, feature lighting or fittings integrated into custom joinery we review lots of options to ensure a polished final result.
  • Furniture Design & Specification

    Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment [FF&E] Specification Throughout the design development process we produce FF&E schedules to support our drawing packages. Sourcing furniture is fundamental to the whole interior scheme. Furniture injects personality and uniqueness into a scheme but must be balanced with functionality Combining off-the-shelf furniture and equipment with bespoke and custom built units harmoniously is a challenge that we thrive on. Actively going to furniture design fairs and showroom events keeps the team up to speed with top trends and new product launches. In contrast we can find equally unique solutions at the local salvage yard, auction house or high street stores when the budget requires it. 
  • Construction Drawings & Detail Design

    Once the design development process and final specifications are agreed the devil is in the detail! We prepare packages of construction drawings in accordance with our Bill of Quantities for contractors to review and price against. These drawings illustrate how we envisage the interior detailing and joinery items being built and the aesthetic we want to achieve. At this stage we collaborate with contractors and manufacturers about ways of achieving the best solution for best quality result both structurally and aesthetically. 
  • Building Warrants, Planning, Advertising & Licensing Consent

    From moving a wall to having a large poster in a shop-front window; down to how many whisky bottles you can have in your cellar we understand the rules and regulations you as a client need to address. We start considering these elements at the design development stage so it is integrated into the overall project programme Having regular dialogue with the local warrant officers builds our understanding of procedures and current legislations for build works and graphic applications. 
  • Project Management of Fit-out

    As a turnkey service provider we can manage all elements of the fit-out process. From finding construction, flooring, lighting and furniture suppliers to managing the tender process to finally getting your staff or customers in place. At all times we work in close collaboration with you