• Brand Strategy

    Good planning, a clear strategy, passion and drive build brands. Before we can make any creative recommendations we need to understand you, your organisation and ultimately what you want to achieve. Through a variety of methods such as discussions, interviews, focus groups, desk research and workshops we question and gather information in order to define your brand’s vision, values, positioning, personality and proposition to meet your business objectives. The outcome is a brand framework and inspirational toolkit to help you communicate your brand consistently. 
  • Brand Identity

    Creating engaging and memorable brands is what we do. Whether you are big or small, have an existing brand or not, your brand is much more than a logo. It’s your way of interacting with your audience across a variety of touchpoints. We work closely with our clients to create and develop inspirational brands that reflect the culture, character and personality of your business. 
  • Print Design

    We love the smell of ink on a page, the feel of a toothy stock and the use of interesting format to capture your desired message effectively. Working on a wide range of print from corporate and product brochures to literature, point of sale and annual reports, we will manage the process from concept design and production right through to delivery. 
  • Packaging Design

    First impressions count when you have only a few seconds to attract the attention of your audience. Good packaging must communicate your brand quickly and effectively. Packaging is a reflection of your brand values and more importantly consumer buying decisions. We create product packaging which is immediate, informative and targeted to your audience. 
  • Digital

    Expressing your brand is important both offline and online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re telling your story on a simple website or need more complex functionality we will work with you to create a site which delivers a seamless brand experience.  
  • Interpretive Design

    We provide interpretive graphics for panels, interactives and signage. They are designed to attract and engage audiences at all levels and be an integral part of the visitor’s experience.