Eltham Palace Invitation 1 Eltham Palace Invitation 2 Eltham Palace Kids Trail Eltham Palace Kids Trail 2 Eltham Place Kids Trail Eltham Palace Kids Trail Multimedia script Multimedia script
The entrance ticket is also your invitation to the Courauld's weekend party
Visitors take on the role of a character who would have been at the house
The Family Trail introduces the animals of the house
Activities at Eltham Palace and to do at home
Search for the animals to find the answer to the clue
Gather stamps as each animal is located
A beautifully bound multimedia script dovetails with the audio tour
Read about each character as you move throughout the house

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The Brief

Create invitations, a family trail leaflet and a multimedia script to support the
re-interpretation of Eltham Palace."

Our Response

Bright 3D won a competitive pitch to design and produce interpretive graphics for Eltham Palace and Gardens, a classic Art Deco property within the portfolio of English Heritage.

The overall project brief was to improve visitors’ understanding and enjoyment of the collections, gardens and interiors at Eltham. Visitors are invited to enjoy Eltham Palace as guests of Stephen and Virginia Courtauld who rescued Eltham Palace from practical ruin, creating a luxurious and opulent Art Deco house in which to live, entertain and party.

The first point of contact is your entry ticket - designed as a personal invitation from the Courtaulds’ – ‘Stephen and Virginia Courtauld request the pleasure of your company at Eltham Palace for the weekend’.

Visitors take on the role of one of the many characters that visited over the years; from explorer, mountaineer and photographer Basil Dean to John Gilmor, who was the Assistant Director of Kew Gardens during the 1930s, you get the chance to explore the house and grounds through their eyes.

English Heritage wanted to attract more families to Eltham Palace. The new interpretation is interactive and engaging. To support this and add a layer of fun and adventure, we developed an family trail, that once ‘stamped’ at each location around the palace reveal Mah-Jongg’s country of origin (Mah-Jongg was the Courtaulds’ much loved pet lemur!).

Interpretive boxes provide a range of activities that guests can use to discover information about each character on their tour of the house and gardens.

Multi-media tours, created by ATS Heritage are available for the house and grounds, but for those people who don’t want to tour the house in this way we designed beautifully bound scripts which visitors can take with them as they create their own tour of the house.

Eltham Palace