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The Brief

Design interpretive graphics to be used throughout the re-development of Abbot’s Hall.

Our Response

The museum of East Anglian Life (MEAL) is more than just a Museum - it plays a prominent and vital role in the community, providing a cultural hub as well as providing social enterprise schemes to provide training and skills development for people with disabilities, the long term unemployed and offenders. The museum also engages with the local community - through it’s volunteer and education programmes.

Abbot’s Hall the iconic heart of the estate built around 1709 and a Grade 2 listed building was to be completely refurbished into a flexible museum space that could also cater for private and business functions.

Our graphic approach is character led, with room introduction panels showing bespoke framed portraits of local people such as George Ewart Evans, who was a pioneer of oral history in England. He lived in Suffolk for 30 years and conducted thousands of interviews of workers and people who had made their living from the land.

We breathed new life into Abbot’s Hall with engaging set design and eye catching graphics printed onto unusual materials such as plates and napkins. The focal point within the Parlour is an impressive 3D graphic timeline. The timeline dates back to c1540 AD and connects local people and activities to the site.