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    We are bright.


A bit about us...

Ewan, Harry and Kate have been working together since 2004, becoming Bright in November 2007 and building up a team of 15.

We are Scottish, English, Irish and Italian. We love to laugh, cook, cycle, play ping pong, gig, drink wine, beer, hot chocolate and good coffee (you will always get a good cup of coffee if you visit our studio, definitely a biscuit, and maybe cake) surf, walk, travel, ski and of course, design!

Recent experiences have included; a family reunion in Italy, a mini sabbatical in Asia, a tour of the Yucatan Peninsula, visits to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen, The Museum of Things, Berlin, the Tate and the Serpentine, in London, the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Folk Art museum in New York, the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. And Towers, well, we’ve been up a few this year... the Shard, the CN Tower, the Eiffel Tower, the Spinnaker Tower...

Lunchtime is always a social occasion, time to relax, reflect and chat. The kitchen table is where it all happens. Toasties and pittas feature; and discussions on who knows what...and of course, debates on what makes good design, a great visitor experience, a successful brand or a stunning interior.

Our studio is home to paraphernalia and project props: stylish chairs, a whisky stave bench, vintage 1920’s trunks, swords and armour, whisky bottles, tweeds, beautiful books…

You are very welcome to visit!!

Meet the team

  • Kate McHugh

    Kate McHugh

    Business Director

    Driving the business forward and providing a quality service to our clients from Oban to Oman is what makes Kate tick. A co-founder of Bright, Kate’s business experience is key to our success.

    Little known fact
    Likes walking on windswept beaches, followed by cooking up storm in the kitchen.

  • Ewan McCarthy

    Ewan McCarthy

    Creative Director

    Ewan is a co-founder and the creative force behind Bright 3D. His tireless energy and insightful understanding of both interpretation and commercial design ensures that we deliver sustainable and inspirational experiences.

    Little known fact
    A mad keen cyclist, he spends his free time throwing himself down dirty mountain bike tracks

  • Harry Fisher

    Harry Fisher

    Projects Director

    A co-founder of Bright 3D, Harry knows what it takes to deliver projects of the quality our clients expect. Involved from the very beginning of a project, he makes sure that the designs we propose can be delivered – both from a practical and financial point of view.

    Little known fact
    An intrepid traveller, he can talk to you about the furthest flung places in the world - just ask him.

  • Nick Needham

    Nick Needham

    Creative Director
    Bright Brands

    Nick is co-founder of Bright Brands and has a wealth of both 2D and 3D design experience. His passion firmly lies in branding: from strategic thinking to identity creation. Nick’s drive for creative solutions has won him many industry awards.

    Little known fact
    Jam roly-poly and custard is the best pudding in the world!

  • Jill Baur

    Jill Baur

    Finance Manager

    Jill is responsible for the financial smooth running of projects on behalf of both Bright 3D and the client. She runs a tight ship and keeps the staff and the company on the straight and narrow.

    Little known fact
    Known for superior coffee making skills - especially at 10am each morning



  • James Simpson

    James Simpson

    Senior 3D Designer

    James uses his diverse skill set and in-depth knowledge of interpretive techniques to produce interactive, visitor focussed exhibitions. Always aware of new technologies James uses his experience to produce a balance of traditional and new interpretation which entertains and educates.

    Little known fact
    In a former life I worked as a mixologist and can still mix a mean Sazerac!

  • Katie Warner

    Katie Warner

    Senior 3D Designer

    With a degree in Interior Design and strong artistic ability, Katie is practically minded and full of creative energy. She is motivated by the idea that our surroundings shape the way we think, feel and interact. Katie is involved in various aspects of design, project management, research and general support in the studio.

    Little known fact
    Has driven a tractor, sheared a sheep and bottle-fed baby kangaroos!

  • Izzy Jones

    Izzy Jones

    3D Designer

    After work experience in theatre design, Izzy used her last year studying Interior Environmental Design at Dundee Uni as an opportunity to design and produce a live performance event, of which she received a First Class Honours. Izzy is passionate in site specific design and interaction that challenges perceptions.

    Little known fact
    Izzy was in the design team that made the famous giant Tea Cakes at Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2014!

  • Jamie Stone

    Jamie Stone

    3D Designer

    Jamie graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA(Hons) Architecture. Since then he has taken every opportunity to explore his cultivated interests in Architecture and Interior Design. A strong designer as well as a team player; Jamie brings a fun, unique and creative approach to projects.

    Little known fact
    Jamie can often be found doing snow dances in the office as he is an avid snowboarder who is frequently deprived by Scottish weather.

  • Peter McNicol

    Peter McNicol

    Graphic Designer

    An experienced and award winning graphic designer, Peter enjoys the challenge of communicating a brand story. He combines an eye for detail, a passion for typography and an inquisitive mind to produce thoughtful and beautifully crafted work.

    Little known fact
    A reformed vegetarian