Blaenavon Ironworks_FurnaceWorker Blaenavon Ironworks _ Casting Pig Iron Blaenavon Ironworks_Workers Cottage
Blaenavon Ironworks Blast Furnace. Video Still
Blaenavon Ironworks Casting Pig Iron. Video Still
Workers cottage at Blaenavon Ironworks

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The Brief

Bring the site to life by recapturing the essence of its noisy, fiery, dirty and sweaty heyday. Create a sensory and artistic experience which provides a platform to tell the stories of the people who lived and worked there.”

Our Response

Blaenavon Ironworks is the key site in the Blaenavon World Heritage Site, and significant in the story of Wales as the world’s first industrial nation.

To make the Ironworks ‘real’ and ‘alive’ we have recaptured its original atmosphere; creating a feeling of a working site in all its hot, dirty, noisy and glorious hellishness, where form as well as function dictated its evolution.

Innovative use of technology and lighting recreates the fiery heart of the blast furnace and the flow of molten iron into channels and ‘pigs’ across the Cast House floor. The industrial and physical human process is interpreted with a series of raw material displays and projections of bold key words as well as a full audio soundscape.

We have encapsulated the spirit of the people who lived and worked at the site in a series of sculptural totems in core-ten, collaborating with local artist – Rubin Eynon. These voices are also heard through a series of audio posts where each totem comes to life.

People have lived and worked on the site for over 200 years. Bright3D re-interpreted and dressed six workers cottages, drawing on real life stories and records to portray life across this period. This display links to a multi-media exhibition that interprets the rise and fall of the site, and the world changing invention developed here by Sidney Gilchrist Thomas.