Room Information Board Stephen's Reveal Box Peter Pierano's Reveal Box Travel Journal Kids Trail Mah-Jongg Picture and Box Bunker Entrance Rab Butler Box - Bunker Medieval Banners Garden Bats
Room Information Board in the entrance hall
Reveal Box in Stephen's bedroom
Reveal Box in Peter Pierano's bedroom
Stephen & Ginie's Travel Journal
Eltham Animal Explorers - Kids Trail Leaflet
Mah-Jongg's Reveal Box
Rab Butler's Reveal Box in the Bunker
Medieval Banners in the Great Hall
Garden Interpretation

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The Brief

Improve visitors’ understanding and enjoyment of the collections, gardens and interiors at Eltham. Invite visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of Eltham as a glamorous 1930s home as guests of the Courtaulds."

Our Response

Eltham Palace provides visitors with a startling juxtaposition of stylish 1930s Art Deco design and medieval architecture set in exquisite grounds with a rich story.

Our core principle was to redevelop the interpretation to bring ‘life’ back into the interiors and displays and create a more enticing and coherent experience. This encourages existing site visitors to discover and enjoy the Palace, its collections and stories whilst attracting and engaging new audiences, particularly the family market.

The premise for the interpretation is based around one of the Courtauld’s infamous weekend parties in the late 1930s with stories and characters drawn from detailed archival research.

Visitors are presented with an invitation:
‘Stephen and Virginia Courtauld request the pleasure of your company at Eltham Palace for the weekend’. Visitors take on the role of one of the guests at the party.

On entering the house ‘guests’ are invited upstairs to settle in before the party and are encouraged to explore the rooms and themes through a series of discovery boxes and handling items in every room.

The Reveal boxes create a window into the story, presenting artefacts, effects and period ephemera to help illustrate personal narratives or interpret the interiors and themes.

The boxes are supported by a host of other sensory media including handling items, dressing up interactives, audio soundscapes, life-size family pets and smell boxes. These have been developed carefully to not exclude existing audience while naturally offering great appeal to the family market.

The project also included opening up new areas of the building for the first time and interpreted the family’s war time experience by recreating their WWII bunker in the basement. Bright 3D also developed garden interpretation for the first time at this site and introducing an interactive family activity that encourages exploration of the site and themes.

We worked closely with the client and ATS Heritage to assist in the development of the new multimedia tour and introductory film within the framework of our concept for the site.

This layered and varied mix of interpretation will add the ‘human touch’ to the site whilst maintaining the purity and significance of this special place.

Eltham Palace re-opened at Easter 2015 to great visitor reviews and numbers exceeding all expectations.

The Palace is Grade 1 listed.

Eltham Palace