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The Brief

Harris Tweed – iconic, historic and indigenous to the Outer Hebrides is the only fabric in the world protected by its own Act of Parliament. The distinctive style, character and integrity of the cloth is guaranteed by the Orb Certification Mark.

The Keepers of the Orb – The Harris Tweed Authority – wanted to create a Brand Room to celebrate the beautiful fabric, the weavers and the mill workers who work hand in hand to create the distinctive, subtle patterns which take their inspiration from nature and colours found all across the island.

Our Response

The Brand Room is in the Town Hall in Stornoway – a relatively small space to tell the big, international ‘Story of Harris Tweed’. Following a visit to weavers working within their homes, and even trying our hand at weaving some fabric for ourselves, we understood how important it would be to demonstrate first hand, Harris Tweed being woven on both the traditional Hattersley loom and the more modern double wide Griffiths loom.

Physically installing the looms presented some logistical challenges – not least having to bring one in through a window – but overcoming these challenges proved worthwhile as the looms are fully operational and being used for regular demonstrations and workshops.

Visitors to the Brand Room get a real sense of the fabric – it’s character, ethos and distinct personality. Beautifully displayed artefacts show the breadth, depth and quality of the products which Harris Tweed lends itself to. Visuals and carefully selected photography supported by audio introduce the people who have been involved with the fabric for hundreds of years and tell their personal and heartfelt stories.

A retail area, designed to sit within the exhibition space gives visitors the opportunity to purchase carefully selected Harris Tweed products as a reminder of their visit and the beauty of the islands.

For the fitout we worked with Eastern Exhibition and Display