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The Brief

Create a trade stand to promote the Isle of Harris Distillery, its philosophy and its Harris Gin to a wide audience.

Our Response

After completing a two year project to develop interiors and interpretation for the Isle of Harris Distillery, Bright 3D were commissioned to design and build an exhibition trade stand for the ‘Isle of Harris Gin’.

The stand needed to be flexible in size and reflect the simple, and honest style of the distillery interior design.

This unique Gin is imbued with nine specially chosen botanicals as to capture the elemental nature of Harris and particularly the maritime influences of the seas which surround it on all sides.

The usual gin botanical suspects feature but it is the Sugar kelp which is key to the subtle coastal notes that mark out the spirit. Hand-harvested by a local diver from the deep underwater forests of the Outer Hebrides, this natural and sustainable ingredient completes the wider aspects of the gin's flavour profile.

This rich story was told visually on the stand through the use of the stunning photography of Laurence Winram (www.lwinram.com) who was commissioned by the distillery to capture the ‘spirit’ of the place and the people.

The design reflects the simple aesthetic that we developed for the distillery but working within a tight budget and site restrictions. Working with Jo Black (www.joblackdesigns.co.uk), we developed a modular stand, built using a mix of proprietary and bespoke wooden apple crates and bespoke furniture items. These were assembled to create storage and display walls studded with a mosaic of product, graphics, interpretation, service areas and storage.

The bottle design of the gin is particularly special and was brought to life by LED light sheets throughout the displays. This dramatic expression of the product was a real attractor for visitors, encouraging passing consumers to stop and engage and ultimately buy the product and into the brand philosophy.

In addition to the products on show we prepared a simple display of the botanicals involved in the gin, mirroring the way we do this in the distillery in Tarbert with a sensory element and simple interpretation.

The stand was designed to be easily assembled, dissembled and stored by the distillery staff. The modular design and flexible graphics allows different configurations to be made to service different venues and markets in the future.

The success of the stand was evident with sales far exceeding expectations at its first outing at the Country Living Fair in Glasgow.

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