Our Services:

Bright 3D

  1. Interpretive Planning
  2. Interpretive Design
  3. Graphic Design
  4. Exterior Interpretation
  5. AV Coordination
  6. Project & Build Management

The Brief

Create an intriguing, and innovative museum which houses nationally and internationally significant 'treasures', provides a dynamic experience for the local community and delivers an exciting new visitor attraction within Kilkenny's Medieval Mile ”

Our Response

Working with Kilkenny County Council, Bright developed a full museum interior. It showcases not only the ‘treasures of Kilkenny’ but also a collection of extraordinary finds that were uncovered during the renovation of the building.

A great deal of attention was paid to developing interpretation that would complement the outstanding architecture that blends modern and traditional features within St Mary’s Church.

A sophisticated suite of media has been employed to reveal the fascinating history of Kilkenny and its influence on Irish history. Dynamic, varied, large and small-scale AV have been combined to create highly visual, engaging interpretation.

One of the outstanding, nationally significant features to be interpreted is the replica High Crosses. These were commissioned over one hundred years ago but, until now, have never had a permanent home.

The Kilkenny Room houses the 'Kilkenny Treasures' which includes royal charters, civic regalia and the priceless Liber Primus Kilkennienis - the First Book of Kilkenny, dating from 1231.