Our Services:

Bright 3D

  1. Interpretive Planning
  2. Brand development
  3. Exhibition Design
  4. Interpretive Writing
  5. Content Management
  6. Audio Visual Design
  7. Signage Design
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Project and Build Management

The Brief

Our brief was to re-imagine the ‘Gateway’ at Killarney House & Garden and provide the visitor with an enhanced visitor experience within the Killarney National Park. ”

Our Response

The site has a unique combination of landscape, flora/fauna, heritage, architecture, and a collection that allows the story of the landscape and its people to be told.

The project offered an exciting opportunity to highlight the iconic species, crucial issues, rich past and undeniable beauty of the park and give visitors deeper access and insight into the stories. The desire was to have the Park held up as a leading centre for natural heritage interpretation and provide the perfect inspiration and spring board for visitors to get out there and explore for themselves!

Bright developed 18 exhibition spaces that introduce visitors to Ireland’s first and largest National Park and broader subjects such as biodiversity and conservation. This process was initialled through stakeholder consultation and the creation of an interpretation plan and branding for Killarney House. This established a route forward for content, tone and style and fed into the development of a dynamic exhibition featuring immersive spaces, interactives and bespoke filming and audio-visual features. Each space, although stylistically and thematically linked, is designed to offer its own unique experience through changing media and pace. This ebb and flow aids visitor enjoyment and engagement before they go out and explore the National Park for themselves. 

Throughout the build, we worked closely with Marcon Fit Out to deliver the exhibition spaces including all specialist joinery.