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The Brief

Re-interpret Knockan Crag.”

Our Response

Recognised worldwide as a site of great geological importance, Knockan Crag is internationally famous amongst geologists and seen as a text book site for environmental and heritage interpretation.

The project included re-interpreting the open sided, unmanned visitor hub ‘The Rock Room’ which, complete with turf roof, nestles into the hillside providing the visitor with the big picture of the surrounding landscape; and a series of 15 interpretation points along a driving route through some of the UK’s most dramatic scenery.

The visitor hub ‘The Rock Room’ uses a variety of media to engage visitors. Touchscreen and hands on interactives combined with bold graphic design and AV bring to life stories of the Moine Thrust and Victorian geologists Peach and Horne, who were fundamental in resolving its riddles. This is supported by refreshed trail interpretation around the site including a dramatic new sculptural stone welcome area and viewpoint panels on the flora and fauna of the National Nature Reserve as well as the geology.

Designated as a National Nature Reserve (NNR) within a wider Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Knockan Crag offers the visitor the opportunity to understand the sheer raw power of our planet