Our Services

  1. Interpretive Strategy & Planning
  2. Stakeholder Consultation
  3. Interpretive Design
  4. Interpretive Writing
  5. Brand Identity
  6. Project & Build Management

The Brief

To create an internationally renowned destination and visitor experience at Malahide Castle & Demesne.”

Our Response

We used multi level interpretation to improve access to the entire site, to appeal to visitors of all physical and learning abilities and to showcase the Talbot Botanic gardens. A Garden Museum was created to reflect the quality and importance of the botanical collections, and a new exhibition was established within the castle to celebrate the history of the castle and Talbot family.

New retail and cafe spaces were designed with interpretation integrated throughout, ensuring that the stories are re-enforced across the whole the visitor experience.

The Castle and grounds are held in high esteem by the local community and well used by people from all walks of life. Balancing the needs and expectations of tourists, stakeholders and local community was central to the successful development of an authentic experience.

An extensive programme of stakeholder engagement and consultation was carried out, a brand and website created to support the new offer and a well informed and researched interpretation plan written. Multi level and multi layered interpretation was developed, from graphic panels to AV and interactives, all appealing to the diverse audience visiting the site.