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The Brief

Create a new Welcome Area, exhibition, café and retail space which reflects the heritage and history of The Real Mary King’s Close.

Our Response

The re-instatement of the original doorways on the Royal Mile was the starting point of the development.

The new high profile welcome reception directly off the High Street provides an opportunity to prebook a tour and has selected retail.

Once the visitor enters the experience they are taken into an exhibition space that sets the scene without giving too much away. It also acts as a holding area for visitors prior to their tour. Visitors are then taken into an animated introductory room created using projectors that helps the live in-character guides introduce the tour.

After the tour visitors are guided out into new retail space and the newly refurbished café which are located in the Historic Borough Court Room. The challenge here was to respect the existing historic interior whilst providing the visitor with a significantly enhanced retail and café offer. Added to this was the need for the space to be flexible for events and corporate functions. This was achieved by designing the majority of retail units as mobile units and able to act as back drops when moved aside.

For the café we developed a new brand identity, based on the original use of the building which was as Edinburgh’s Royal Coffee Exchange. The café offers a peaceful and elegant environment in a historic city building away from the hustle of the High Street.

Large graphic images of key characters were introduced throughout all areas to give the space a strong personality and provide continuity throughout the building.