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Bright 3D

  1. Exhibition Design
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Exterior Interpretation
  4. Artistic Interpretation
  5. AV Coordination
  6. Project & Build Management

The Brief

Part of a larger project to transform the visitor experience at Tintagel the interpretive brief was to design and deliver: an exhibition within the visitor centre which would act as a gateway to the site; create a new suite of interpretive signage, an interpretive graphic panel scheme; and a series of artistic interpretive installations across the whole site.”

Our Response

Working with English Heritage we set out to design and deliver interpretation across the site which immersed visitors in the story, unlocking the secrets and mythical stories of the remote and rugged headland

Tintagel Castle has an amazing story which, combines romantic fiction with medieval England, the story of kings, castles, intrigue, myths and legends. The challenge was to strike the balance between historical fact and mythical legends.

The site itself presents some accessibility challenges and so the new exhibition space had to create an impact – acting as an orientation space, telling the story to those who are unable to experience the wider site; as well as encouraging other visitors to go out and experience it for themselves.

A varied palette of media was chosen – from traditional graphic panels to the stunning sculpture on the promontory on Tintagel Island and the projection map model within the exhibition space.

Abstract interpretation reveals the strong link to literature and the exhibition has picked up on this within its structure. The literary connection is reinforced in the specially commissioned artists’ books, which tell the story of Tristan and Isolde.