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The Brief

Create a multi-sensory, interactive visitor experience which provokes curiosity, highlights Newton’s work and its relevance in today’s world.”

Our Response

Woolsthorpe Manor near Grantham, is the birthplace of Sir Isaac Newton and a place of great historical significance. Events and discoveries made here by Newton have shaped the modern world in ways which many people may not even realise. Bright 3D worked with The National Trust team at Woolsthorpe Manor to redevelop the Science Discovery Centre and continue the legacy of Newton’s work.

Placing children and families at the heart of its vision whilst appealing to the wider audience, the refurbished Science Discovery Centre is a dynamic, socially inclusive and multi-sensory environment. By using a combination of entertaining interactives, graphical interpretation and audio-visual to illustrate Newton’s work, visitors will be inspired to find out more about the science, maths, and philosophy behind his work and its relevance in the world today.