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The Brief

Design and produce personalised packaging for Glengoyne 25YO whisky. This was to be given to members of staff and selected clients at an anniversary dinner.

Our Response

In 2016 Aberforth Partners celebrated 25 years of business trading. To mark this occasion, they wanted to present a gift to each member of staff at their anniversary dinner. Aberforth purchased 25YO Glengoyne whisky direct from Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd which required personalisation.

The 25YO Glengoyne is a premium whisky, beautifully packaged with layers of luxury from the outer carton full of black, white and gold foils, to a heavy wood box with the bottle nestled inside like a precious gem. It was important to work with the packaging and enhance it with personal touches.

We designed three separate elements for the anniversary dinner event; a personalised certificate which wrapped around the bottle, a box inset detailing Aberforth Partners’ investment funds, and personalised screen printed tote bags.

When staff open the box, they see ‘a wee thank you’ gold foiled onto each certificate. The combination of original wording from the partnership agreement, and the foiling – both clear and gold – make this a distinctive, special and very personal gift.

To link the whisky to Aberforth’s 25th Anniversary, the certificates had a form cut aperture revealing the text ‘25 Years’ that is printed on the bottle label itself - this is both a reference to the age of the whisky and to the age of the company.

We selected a beautiful GF Smith paper for both print elements and the foils gold add a real sense of quality and luxury to reinforce Glengoyne’s premium packaging.

Printed on GF Smith colourplan 270gsm
Printed and foiled by Allander
Tote bags hand-pulled screen print by Vino Sangre