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The Brief

Re-present Lavenham Guildhall in a way that sparks the imagination of the local community, making it relevant, exciting and engender a sense of pride. For non-residents, it must be a gateway to Lavenham's history, the present day village and to the surrounding countryside."

Our Response

The National Trust was awarded funding by the Heritage Lottery to upgrade the interpretation throughout the Lavenham Guildhall Complex in Suffolk as part of “Our Village Through Time” project. Bright 3D was commissioned in March 2014 to design and build the exhibition and worked in collaboration with Ann Tweedie who developed the interpretation plan and provided all the copywriting.

The physical improvements and new interpretive design aims to celebrate and reconnect the Guildhall and adjacent buildings with the village and local community.

For nearly five hundred years, Lavenham Guildhall has been at the heart of the vibrant community both physically and emotionally. Originally built as a religious meeting house the Guildhall has also been used as a prison, workhouse, a pub, a chapel and a club for US troops stationed nearby in the second world war.

Working collaboratively with the NT client team and Ann we held community consultations and workshops to draw out the key stories and messages surrounding ‘real’ primary and secondary characters which have played important roles within the Guildhall over time.

There are many intriguing stories for the visitor to experience on their journey throughout the Guildhall.

Real life characters, who lived and worked at the Guildhall guide the visitor through the spaces in chronological order from the 1400s to the present day covering a number of roles & functions. From Agnes Sturmyn in the 1500's who witnessed the villages’ peak of wealth & success through to a young Ann Baker who in 1785 was a child inmate here when it was a Bridewell. The final room simply named, ‘Community Room’ celebrates the continual work by the Lavenham Museums Committee and will showcase rotating exhibition and displays form permanent collection.

Each space has been designed with great sympathy to the existing architecture, highlighting specific details and craftsmanship whilst allowing the exhibition dressing and displays to be as authentic as possible to the period of time being interpreted. Generating the right tone of voice within graphic copy and audio accompaniments was also an essential part in creating these accurate ‘encounters’ with real life characters.

Bright 3D has since been asked to develop the signage and wayfinding throughout the complex, in-line with the new graphic style of the exhibition designs; to make both a physical and visual coherent overall visitor experience.