Closed Case Open Peli Case Open Peli Case Graphic Peli Panels Pots Kew Garden Totems Chinese Plant Trail
Peli cases can be opened to reveal plant information
The Peli Cases open to reveal information and artefacts
Panels in the style of the Peli Cases
Terracota pots with hidden reveals are positioned throughout the exhibition
Garden Totems
Chinese Plant Trail Banners

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The Brief

Create bold interpretive graphics for the Summer 2014 Medicine Festival”

Our Response

The Royal Botanical Gardens Kew is a world heritage site and the world’s most famous gardens. They use their programme of Festivals to create an enhanced offer which encourages repeat visits to the Garden.

During summer 2014 RBGK hosted a Chinese Medicine festival to celebrate the positive effect plants have on our health and wellbeing, with a particular focus on medicinal plants.

Visitors were invited to take a stroll through the Palm House and Princess of Wales Conservatory and embark on a Traditional Chinese Medicine self-led trail across the gardens. The Trail explored the powers that plants have to produce chemicals that are used by people around the world as medicines and healing remedies.

We branded a series of large bright orange 3D ‘doctor style’ peli cases, 2D panels, and terracotta pots with hidden reveals. ‘First Aid’ icons drew attention to each interpretive point. Visitors learned about the importance of plants,the role they play in today’s fight against infection and disease and sometimes a surprising medicinal fact. for example:

Did you know the Pelican Flower is used for snake bites and antibiotics? or that Dragon Tree sap has bright red sap which can be used for healing wounds?