Our Services:

Bright 3D

  1. HLF Round 2 Support
  2. Interpretive Planning
  3. Exhibition Design
  4. Interpretive Writing
  5. Project and Build Management

Bright Brands

  1. Interpretive Graphics

The Brief

Design a state-of-the-art exhibition space which transforms how people of all ages and all backgrounds experience landscapes, starting with Northumberland and the north east of England. ”

Our Response

In addition, we were asked to design the:
- Welcome lobby & reception area
- Temporary exhibition space
- 90 seater café
- Retail area
- Adjoining youth hostel dining & lounge spaces
- Green roof interpretation
- Internal & external signage

In collaboration with the client team (NNPA), architects (JDDK) and landscape designers (Glen Kemp), we looked at interpretive opportunities both within the Landscape Discovery Centre and throughout the wider site of The Sill. The aim of the interpretation is to connect people with the landscape, emotionally and physically, looking at how it shapes our lives – and at how we shape it in return.

The Sill will act as a hub for the rural, Northumberland economy, a centre for education and a reminder of the importance of landscape in understanding who we are as a nation and what we can do to protect and care for the landscapes around us.

The building is the result of an innovative partnership between NNPA and YHA England and Wales. Visitor numbers are expected to reach 100,000 per year, with 50,000 overnight stays on and off site with over 30,000 individual activity days to connect people with the landscape in one of the region’s two World Heritage Sites and its only National Park.

Bright was appointed by the NNPA to produce an interpretation plan and concept designs to support the HLF Round 2 Application in 2014. Following a successful funding application, Bright was appointed for the design and build of two exhibition spaces, welcome lobby, reception area, green roof interpretation and signage. We were delighted to also be appointed for the retail area, café and YHA public spaces which were a later addition to our scope. This allowed us to take a holistic approach to the design, creating a series of interconnected spaces which work in harmony with each other, keeping in mind the concept of discovery and exploration at every turn.

We worked closely with James Carter, Heritage Interpretation Consultant, on the development of key concepts, themes and written content throughout the building. This collaboration fed into the development of films and audio visual interactives which were produced by Circa Media, a leading film and multimedia company based in Edinburgh, and Pixel Stag, a consultancy experienced in designing interactive digital media in the museum and heritage sectors.

The physical structures within the main exhibition space were largely inspired by drystone walls, an abundant and striking feature in the surrounding Northumberland landscape. Within these structures, we were able to play with the concept of interpretation being “hidden in plain sight” – just like being on a walk in the countryside, the most interesting discoveries often require us to look up, down, in and under…