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The Brief

Create a visitor experience within the new Lindores Abbey Distillery, located on the nationally significant site of Lindores Abbey, on the south side of the River Tay.”

Our Response

We are working with the team to create a truly warm, welcoming and hospitable experience. One that combines the extraordinary story of the abbey and its historic connection with distilling along with the rebirth of whisky making on the site.

At the heart of the design approach is the concept of innovation and exploration. This ties very closely with the original ethos of the Tironesion Monks who were great innovators in all aspects of their lives. From their innovation in agriculture to the distillation of Aqua Vitae.

The design draws upon many historical references, translating these through modern interpretation that will provide an experience unlike any other distillery. The main interpretive area is modelled around a modern cloister. Featuring an extraordinary 16m long oak table crafted locally, this space will be both a sensory exhibition experience and a unique dining environment.

Original stone artefacts from the Abbey ruins that have been found during the initial building works will be incorporated as features within the new interior of the visitor centre, adding to the historical integrity of the redevelopment.

The project team, led by Organic Architects is close knit. The tight timeline and complexity of working within an historic building and site has required all parties to work swiftly and in a collaborative way.

Lindores will be unique. Nowhere else offers a distillery experience, alongside the opportunity to explore abbey grounds which have such a remarkable place in Scotland’s history, with connections to William Wallace and other notable characters.

This project has been in the planning for many years and its fruition is due to the tenacious spirit of Drew and Helen McKenzie Smith, the owners of the site.

There are further plans to create an ‘abbey garden’ in the land surrounding the distillery, as the stories of the Monks knowledge of horticulture and propagation of unusual species of apple trees and other fruits and vegetables can be told in an inspiring and engaging environment.

The full story and timelapse videos can be found at www.lindoresabbey.com/distillery